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Monday, 30 May 2011

"JADOON ITTEHAD PAKISTAN"Karachi 00923219248989

Karwan-e-Jadoon Karachi Tammam JADOONs ko Dawat daita hain k aap log is magazine me likhain aur FREE Magazine hasil karain sirf Aik SMS per thanx 
TARIQ KHAN JADOON 00923219248989


  1. Breaking News

    " دنیا بھر کے جدونوں کے لۓ خوشخبری"
    سہ ماھی "کا ر وا ن جدون"کراچی کا دوسرا شمارہ منظر عام پر آ گیا .
    میگزین مفت حاصل کرنے کے لئے ہم سے رابطہ کریں
    "جدون اتحاد پاکستان "R-143 بلاک نمبر 6 گلشن اقبال کراچی 75300
    اس نمبر پر اپنا پتا sms کریں 00923219248989

  2. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is demographically divided between sedentary and tribal people. Although the Pathans are numerically superior, the region is also the home for the Awans, Gujars, etc. The Pathans, divided into numerous distinctive tribal units the major ones in the mountain ranges, are the Yusufzai's of Malakand Agency, the Mohnands and Afridis of the Khyber Agency and Kohat Pass, the Orakzais of Tirah, the Wazirs of North & Southern Waziristan, and the Bhittanis and Shiranis of D.I.Khan. In the setteled areas of the province are the Yusufzais of Mardan, the Khalils, Muhamands, Muhammad-zais, Dauadzais, Khattak, Banghash of Khohat, the Marwats and Wazirs of Bannu and the Gandapurs, kundis and Minakhail of D.I.Khan. Some of the Important minor tribes are the Jadoons of Hazara and Swabi, in the Shinwaris and Mullagories of the Khyber and Babars and Dawars.
    The Jadoon tribe is divided into two main sub-tribes, Salar and Mansoor. tribes are further sub-divided into several smaller clans. Musa Zai, Hassan Zai, Dollah Zai, Khizar Zai and Umar Zais are sub-tribes of Mansoor and there are many sub-tribes into Salar like Qalander khel (haji khai,l Dasal khe,l Khan khel) Ilyas khail, Muhammad khail, shabeh khail,Ali sher kahil, Essa Khail, maleeh khail, mustafa zai maha bani, taser khail. ("The Jadoon" book by Sultan Khan Jadoon Hassa zai). Mansoor tribe lives in Salhad, Malikpura, Sheikhul-Bandi, Dhamtour, Nawan Shehr, Kakul, Mirpur, Balderi, Mangal,Banda Ilyas Khail,Banda Dilzak,Banda Pir khan, Dhamtour, Bagnotar and Qalanderabad and also lives in Gandaf Sawabi. Salar tribe lives in Havalian, Bagra, Banda Said Khan, Langra, Basian (UC Birote) Gujjer Kohala, Dheerkot and Munhasa (AJK), and many Salar lives in Sawabi.
    Jadoons were warriors . they helped those tribes who were subsided or crushed by the powerful tribes. This was why jadoon tribe arrived to fight and give relief to all those tribes who were subsided and dis graced by other powerful neighboring clans. The arrival of jadoons to swabi and Abbottabad are the examples of helping weak tribes always attacked by the powerful. the jadoons secured their warrior blood not to giving their daughters or not got married their sons out of jadoons.this was the main cause that they secured their inherited values.but as the time passed and the circumstances changed now jadoon has got their relations to all the communities in and out side of Pakistan.however jadoons are different in their habits and manners they are pure pakhtoons and real Muslims.If an enemy come to their door steps they never hurt him during the boundaries of their home. they are sincere in friend ship and bitter in enmity.
    The Jadoons were freedom fighters and they showed bravery against their rivals, especially the Sikhs and the British with other Pashtun tribes of the region like the, Swati, Tareens, Khaji khail and Shilmani. Their leader was Khan Sultan Muhammad khan Jadoon(chief of jadoon) during the freedom efforts against the Sikhs in the 20th century.Jadoons conquered the Hazara area from sikhs and are still the biggest land owners in the area,they are the most influential people in the area.
    The famous historians sir J.Forbes and Sir John William Kaye said the following about the Jadoons.

  3. kia ab karwan e jadoon ni publish hota